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Orders are to be placed in person or over the phone.
Please include your full name and phone number with your email questions. Also, please allow 2 days for a response to your email requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far in advance do I need to order my food?
A: Catering orders are accepted on a first come first serve basis. You can order up to 6 months before your event. We always say to place your order at least one week in advance. However, orders with short notice will still be taken if our supply allows for it.

Q: Is there a minimum?
A: The minimum for each menu is different.
For example the funeral menu has a minimum of 50. The catering special menu has a minimum or 25. The ala carte menu also has different minimum orders ranging from 25-75.

Q: Is there a maximum?
A: We will always try to accommodate you no matter what the number but our absolute maximum would be 1500.

Q: When do I need to submit my final headcount?
A: We suggest one week prior to event. But if supply allows we can sometimes accommodate your request up until 3 days prior.

Q: What time is the earliest I can get my food, and what is the latest?
A: Our earliest pickup is 10:00 am, and our latest pickup is 4:00 pm.
Deliveries, earliest is 10:00 am and latest is 6:30 pm or 7:00 service.

Q: What types of payment do we accept?
A: Cash, Check or Major Credit Card
If paying with check you may mail it in.
If paying by cash or credit card you must come in to our place at 99-1086 Iwaena Street.

Q: When do I need to pay for my catering?
A: All caterings must be paid in full before the day of the event. A 50% deposit is required one week prior to secure your order. Deposit is non-refundable if cancellation is made less than four days prior to the date of the catering.

Q: Do we deliver?
A: We offer free delivery for parties of 100 people or more with a Full Menu. We deliver for all funerals at funeral halls such as Hosoi, Mililani, and Nuuanu Mortuary’s. We also deliver funerals at churches for 100 people or more.
However this service is only available if it fits into our delivery schedule. Otherwise the order must be picked up.

Q: Does an attendant stay and take care of the food?
A: We do not stay at parties. We will deliver the food and set it up in whatever way you desire. Then the food will be your responsibility.
We stay at funerals for 100 people or more at funeral halls. This includes an attendant who has serving utensils. He will take care of the food for you and when everyone has eaten, he will help to consolidate and pack up the food. He will supply some takeout containers but if you plan to have a lot of leftovers you will need to supply your own take out containers or Ziploc bags. However, we do not stay at funerals taking place at a church.

Q: Do you provide serving utensils?
A: No, we do not provide serving utensils with every catering. We can loan you serving utensils with a deposit of $50, which is fully refundable if you clean and return the utensils within one week of the event. If you fail to return the utensils within one week but return them within two weeks you will receive 50% of your deposit, after two weeks we keep the deposit. If you fail to clean the utensils prior to returning them you will only receive 50% of the deposit that is owed to you.

Thank you for choosing Ige's Halawa.

Now Accepting Credit Cards
Now Accepting Credit Cards
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